Diamonds – Mobile Games

In My diamonds a small green little man, an extraterrestrial whose pink jewels have reached anyhow in the conduits of a single-family dwelling comes along. This alien asks you for help around his valuable diamonds again in his backpack to agree.

Use watering cans to free wellington and other objects around the way. Arrange the given objects in such a way that they find her way to the alien from the dripping tap.

All together you have 40 exciting levels with always other possibilities before yourself and if you have denied all level successfully, still a few bonus levels expect you.
My diamonds – a Bling Bling play for clever Knobler.

Key features:

Physics-based jigsaw puzzle play with gravitation and kinetics
More than 40 kniffelfige levels


Games for Mobile Phones

A video game for mobiles is a video game that is developed to play in mobile phones, PDA, intelligent phones and mobile devices. This does not include video games played in portable games consoles like PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo DS.

The video games for mobile sound developed using technologies like J2ME (Java2 Mike Edition) of Sun Microsystems, Brew de Qualcomm (Binary Runtime for Wireless) or ExEn of Infusion (Execution Environment). There are other available platforms as Symbian OS but they are not so habitual, for its incompatibility between devices.

The video games for mobile tend to be of very small ambience and often they are based in offering a good jugabilidad in spite of not having a few amazing graphs. This owes to the absence of potency of the processor of the devices, although frequently it is the proper técnología on which it is programmed the one that really limits the application.

At the end of the year 1990 the mobile phones were still devices that only were serving to call. Some manufacturers as Nokia decided to offer some type of entertainment in these small devices that had buttons and a screen black and white LCD, companies as Nokia or Philips introduced small games basing on the first arcade and consoles of beginning of the year 1980; they never thought that this would revolutionize the world of the portable video games. These games were evolving and some of them were offering the possibility of unblocking levels paying away from the operator or getting connected to Internet. While, in Japan the first programmable mobiles threw with technology Java I-mode-doja. Up to this moment the video games in the mobiles were integrated in the phone and programmed straight in machine code and engravings in the memory ROM of the mobile, but with the programmable mobiles, there was an area of memory where information could be recorded, and it was possible to use a language of development like Java and a cable USB or an Internet connection to introduce the program in the mobile. The purpose of this was the development of small applications type calculating, well-known, and not video games. But nevertheless some companies as the French Gameloft developed black and white video games for these small screens and turned out to be a success. The mobiles were evolving and with them the memory, potency and the computer languages of the same ones, Symbian OS, J2ME 2.0, doja 1.5… At present the market of the video games for mobiles is bigger than any other market of portable video games, having numbers of high sales. As applications for the future wait for video games in 3D and video games in network across phone or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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iPhone and iPad Games

Games for iOS The best graphic adventure for iPhone and iPad

“Sam & Max” and “Monkey Iceland” – with these Adventures has spent a generation of youth on home computers. On iPhone and iPad to celebrate the classics of the genre a renaissance – and there are great new titles. The trade magazine “Mac & i” presents the most interesting.

Touch screens are perfect for adventure games. Instead of clicking the mouse like a remote control through the game world, it converts easily at your fingertips through the area, interacting with objects feels so much more natural.

“Edna breaks out” – a stuffed toy bunny on time travel

The Adventure “Edna & Harvey: Edna breaks out” (iPad, 4.99 euros) enjoys due to its naive graphic style and the screwy plot cult status. Game world as characters seem amateurish drawn, and this aura of incompleteness is also about the puzzles of the game. Edna wakes up in a padded cell, and it is to fathom at the players as they came to the hospital – and how they can escape from it. The crazy story unfolds over time and jumps at various venues. Always there: stuffed toy bunny Harvey, reflective of the girl to the side stands.

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Whenever the players combined on the search for solutions of the game world objects together, followed by a speech that the installation size of 1.6 GB explains. Unfortunately, the puzzles are not always conclusive, but who can be confined by the naive charm that has arisen from a dissertation title like, do not disturb it.

“Sam & Max” and “Back to the Future” – classics at your fingertips

The developers at Telltale Games, former employees of LucasArts produce for years Adventures which appear episodically, for example, “Sam & Max” and “Wallace & Gromit”. The five-part “Back to the Future” (iPad; 2.39 euros per episode) continues the story of the film trilogy. Doc Brown is stuck in the past, and it’s up to Marty to make the converted DeLorean time machine to fit to bring the quirky genius back to the present.

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Render graphic amusing, driving the narrative forward cutscenes and German localization with outstanding speakers create an atmospheric experience that small technical imperfections more than compensated. The developers show much emotion and mood for action, so even new characters classified seamlessly into the familiar from movies ensemble.

“Tiny Bang Story” – Pencil cuteness

What is special about “Tiny Bang Story” (iPhone: 1.59; iPad: 2.69 euros) is that the game does not need any words. The world on the Tiny Planet is broken by a meteorite impact in parts. The player will return to the original state of harmony. By collecting objects in the game world cute he sets in motion machinery and must also solve many of logic and puzzle tasks.

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Not harmless history, but the low difficulty level the player is the driving force, but it ensures continuous successes. Hence the title is primarily suitable for younger players, but these are very well maintained and, if necessary, the big ones can ask for advice. Similar to the charming little “Machinarium” (iPad, 4.49 euros) a non-violent and low-barrier island in the Sea Games.

“City of Secrets” – a dog goes astray

The goofy-celled Mole Moles and his loyal dog Rex are the protagonists in the English “City of Secrets HD” (iPhone 1.39; iPad: 2.39 euros). Disappears as Rex and Moles sets out to find his way, he encounters in his home in an underground city. Rex was suspected by the people of espionage and imprisoned; Moles must now rescue his faithful friend.

During the game, you control dog and mole in the successful exchange with touch controls through detailed game world full of objects. These have to be combined together correctly so that manage to escape. Next switch puzzles and hidden object games are interwoven, creating a varied mix. Superficially’s “City of Secrets” a no-brainer, but many allusions and sideswiped know until the elders appreciate.

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Best Mobile Games of 2012

Action, building, racing or sports games: In the app stores from Apple and Google are hidden treasures for so many hours of entertainment. What are the highlights of the year 2012, tells COMPUTERBILD GAMES.
Game Apps of 2012 © Fireproof Studios Ltd., Mojang AB, Ubisoft, Axel Springer AG, Rovio Entertainment, Maxim_Kazmin –

The game apps of 2012.
The range of games for Android and iOS is huge and growing. The filtering out of high-quality apps is only possible with effort. All genres are represented – from simple to sophisticated Daddelspiel thinking and puzzle games, to tangible action.

COMPUTERBILD Games has unveiled 2012 months after month of interesting games for iOS and Android. The graphical and / or playful best games you can find at the end of the overview “The Game Apps of 2012″.

These Mobile games are really very important games. We are now going to show and explain some of these games.
Let is start by exlapining the following one.
Only four levels of this beautiful, natural skill game have been completed. Nevertheless found the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, the app worth the money. Nine students at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg were the 10,000 euros AppArtAward 2012 in the category “Game Art”. A small ball rolls across the forest floor, thereby destroyed grasses and changes its energy level. Imagine sent while balancing the ball on, it is possible to reproduce this and so you to overcome bigger obstacles.
The Room

As with the game experiment “Curiosity Cube” or the Russian matryoshka doll is the curiosity in this surreal 3D physics puzzle captivates the viewer from the start. Nestled in a mystical tale of a mysterious object, you start on a large safe trigger complicated mechanisms to open the box. If the contents of the safe revealed, check out a wooden shrine over whose locks are still clued. So it goes through four short, entertaining chapters. The desire for more space, boxes and boxes should encourage the makers of Fireproof to an early update.

Microsoft Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system and predecessor to Windows Phone, combined with a set of applications for mobile devices. It is based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that use the Windows Phone and Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and Portable Media Center. The operating system is designed so that a similarity with the desktop versions of Windows is evident, even though the respective target architectures and code bases are hardly similar. However, Windows Phone is a complete redesign.

Common features of Windows Mobile
Advertising on a Ford Territory in New Zealand (2008)

Windows Mobile for Pocket PC includes in most versions:

Today, a page showing the current date, owner information, upcoming appointments, new e-mail messages, and tasks. It also includes a bar for alerts, which the user can provide information about different things icons such as battery life or open Utilities. Applications can create new entries on the Today page. The background image can be customized.
A task bar, it shows the current time, the volume, the battery level and connection status. If a program or a dialog is opened, next to the clock, “OK” or “Close” button. The major extra is the start button on the task bar, which has a similar function in the desktop versions of Windows. In the start menu there is a list of recently used applications, nine modifiable entries at the top and more entries to programs, settings, and the help of the search.
A scaled down version of Microsoft Office. This consists of Pocket Word and Pocket Excel. Since the release of Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PowerPoint is included, show the files but can not edit. These versions include the most essential functions of their desktop counterparts, advanced features such as graphs and tables were missing until version 5.0. ActiveSync allows you to convert files in the desktop versions compatible documents for the PocketPC. This conversion is based on the version lossy more or less, and in particular formats, field functions and the like are concerned.
Outlook Mobile, a PIM application that performs the same functions as the desktop counterpart. It can be synchronized via ActiveSync with this. An alternative is the direct comparison with an Exchange server via an online connection.
The Windows Media Player. Most devices were shipped with version 9, includes the newer hardware version 10 For some specific devices can download and install version 10 – including units from the Dell Axim series. The media player supports WMA, WMV, MP3, and AVI files. Currently there are no MPEG files are supported, there are third-party programs that upgrade this ability.

Windows Mobile: The best free tools Download Info
Community Box

Top 30 Free Tools for Windows Mobile
Windows Media Player, RSS reader or web browser: Use the best free tools for Windows Mobile, expand the functional scope of your smartphone considerably.

Pictures: The best free tools for Windows Mobile

Through the open windows mobile platform are many, from PC, freeware tools make their way to mobile phones and PDAs. To call with Skype over the internet, surf the web with Opera and watch videos using DivX player. We provide the best tools for Windows Mobile before in a photo spread.

Pictures: The best free tools for Windows Mobile

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Galaxy on Fire 2

What should one make if the hyperspace impulse flies to one around the ears and one not only is flung to the other end of the Galaxy, but notes with his return that one has simply missed 35 years? With Galaxy on Fire 2 ™ this has happened to your alter ego Keith T. Maxwell. Now you must prove to yourself in this to yourself still unknown surroundings. Nevertheless, it has changed an amount in the course of the time. And thus it comes to new friendship and alliances, but also a few old friends run to you through the way.

Your main attention with Galaxy on Fire 2 ™ lies on your aeronautical abilities. And you can prove this without end! Sit down in your spaceship and move either yours iPad/iPhone for the control or use the virtual joystick. Danger, power and passion are Maxwell a continual companion on his adventures. Just as the mysterious Voids which lurk in the twilight of the known universe and already plan the next attack.

Key features of Galaxy on Fire 2 ™:

Extensive galaxy with more than 20 solar systems and specifies gerenderten planet
More than 100 unique 3D-space stations and more than 30 upgradable 3D-spaceships
Unique diplomacy system
Story, mission-based and free Gameplay
Complicated economic system with more than 170 commodities
High-quality music composition, voice output (in English) and 3D-sound
Action Freeze ™: 3D-Screenshot-Tool to the memory of Screenshots from any perspective and high-level store on Facebook ™
Game centre and Open Feint integration of Leaderboards, Achievements and on-line Savegames
Retina display resolution
Additional contents and new missions by in ext. Purchase are ready from now to the download
Purchases to you your own space station with bar to lay there your ships on the dry dock and to store your goods
New editions of 3 classical spaceships from the first Galaxy On Fire ™

Android Games – Mobile Games

PlayStation mobile: X owners HTC One must wait (update)

Sony starts be PlayStation mobile programme. From now on users about the PlayStation can load net curtain plays on her certificated Android-Smartphones and-Tablet-PCs. Indeed, all certificated devices do not have yet access to the net curtain. Owners of an One X must be patient, for example, still.
Sony begins the PlayStation mobile programme. (Picture: Sony)
Sony begins the PlayStation mobile programme. (Picture: Sony)

You find the update from the 4th of October at the end of the article.

From now on users can load plays from the PlayStation net curtain with a PlayStation-certificated Android mobile phone or-Tablet-PC. For the start of the PlayStation mobile to called programme about 30 titles stand for the choice. Besides, it concerns predominantly mini-plays. The prices move according to Sony converted between 50 cents and 12.99 euros.

With PlayStation mobile Sony wants to serve the market the mobile Games off Handhelds like Sony PlayStation vita. The idea to offer PlayStation One classic like crash Bandicoot or Destruction derby as PlayStation mobile title has rejected Sony against it.
Entwicklerkit follows in November

PlayStation mobile titles are developed by developer studios belonging to Sony as well as third suppliers, besides, from November should be published a special Entwicklerkit (SDK) and a suitable developer programme be started. It should offer the possibility to ext. developers to write plays for certificated devices and the PlayStation vita and to expel about PlayStation mobile.
PlayStation mobile

Picture 10 of 10
Players the central figure must lead PlayStation mobile – twist pilot – in twist pilot without a single accident by 70 levels and save him before bad spiders. (Picture: Sony) picture increase in twist pilot players must lead the central figure without a single accident by 70 levels and save him before bad spiders. (Picture: Sony)
Picture 1 of 10
PlayStation mobile – Aqua Kitty – in Aqua Kitty the player with scared of water cats issues forth to the seabed. (Picture: Sony) picture increase in Aqua Kitty the player with scared of water cats issues forth to the seabed. (Picture: Sony)
Picture 2 of 10
PlayStation mobile – Mending hockey – Mending hockey is 3D air hockey simulator. (Picture: Sony) picture Mending hockey increase 3D air is a hockey simulator. (Picture: Sony)
Picture 3 of 10
PlayStation mobile – Frederic – The titles Frederic – Resurrection of Music is a Rhythmus-Action-Game in which the player slips in the shape of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. (Picture: Sony) picture increase The title Frederic – Resurrection of Music is a Rhythmus-Action-Game in which the player slips in the shape of the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. (Picture: Sony)
Picture 4 of 10
PlayStation mobile – Passing time – Passing time is an arcadiges football match with fireballs. (Picture: Sony) picture Passing time increase is arcadig

CSR Racing

A quarter mile racing distance – 402 metres of glowing asphalt. In CSR Racing exactly this distance becomes the centre of the events. The brutal acceleration runnings with which every thousandth can decide second on victory and defeat demand of you your whole driving skill!

The iOS-Game CSR Racing shines by breathtaking 3D-optics which does not need to hide from genre competitors of other platforms. An excellently thought-out Gameplay demands not only talent in the Touchpad of you, but also management qualities to be able to get out always the maximum of your racing sledge.

To be valid as a master of the Kurzstreckenklasse, nevertheless, still a long stony way approaches you. By an average carriage you begin your career as ambitious Racer on the gleaming streets of the city. Hot asphalt duels on the quarter mile as well as daily varying challenges rinse to you the necessary change in the pocket to supply your Rennbulliden with new equipment. Whether new Turbos, optimised aerodynamics or tyre with more Grip – you alone make the decision which new parts your carriage needs to be able to exist in the next running. Besides, it depends on the right mixture, because you bring the achievement of the strongest engine only on the distance if your state coach also stands this. With individual sprayings, number plates and designs you point to the other Racer crews who controls the streets of the city!

Thanks to perfectly balanced difficulty steps offers to beginners CSR Racing, advancers and Racer experts always the right opponent for the duel on the quarter mile. Get the high-class racing play now for yours iPhone or iPad!

Key features:

licensed luxury sledges of BMW, Audi, and more.
daily varying challenges
detailed 3D-graphics with fantastic effects
intuitive service

Arcade Games One

A game of arcade is a video game in a demarcation of arcade coming in the form of a piece of furniture provided with a monnayeur, with a screen and with a plan of control. These games are in public places as shopping centres, bars or in specialised establishments known as rooms of arcade. They have feature to be paid, one or several credits are bought by slipping one or several rooms into the monnayeur. According to games and regulatings, every credit allows to start a part, continue it having lost, bought no-claims bonuses in game most games of arcade are redemption games, UFO CATCHERS, video games or pinballs.

The first popular games of arcade were firstly fabricated by Midway for its parks of attraction. In this case, were created of the games of shooting in gallery, games of throwing of ball, and the first machines working with coins, as for example those who pretended to say the future to people, or those who played mechanical music. The old parks of attraction Midway of 1920s (as Coney Island in New York) inspired and orientated the ambience of the games of arcade to come.
Case of a pinball of 1948.

In 1930s, the first pinball working with coins is fabricated then commercialised. the pinballs of epoch very differred from their more recent electronic cousins, as much as they were fabricated wooden, had no bumpers or targets no-claims bonus blinking on tables, and used mechanical counting systems instead of fleas electronics. By 1977, most production of pinballs passed to the use of equipment and electronic rooms, at the same time to improve general functioning and to manage score1.

In 1971, students of the University Stanford perfect Galaxy Game, a paid version of game Spacewar, which at origin was played on microcomputer. It seems that it is the first game of the history of video game having been exploited (information subject to controversy). Later, during the same year, Nolan Bushnell throws the first mass production and of mass of a video game of arcade: Computer Space, as for the society Nutting Associates.

In 1972, Atari was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. Atari principally created the industry of video game with game Pong, famous video game of pine